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Designing and manufacturing of individual furniture.
Functional, interesting and professional interior design is VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD.

VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD while designing, is trying to match our client expectations as much as possible. Furniture and interiors are being designed for you, so you can help and get involved into the project personally.
Furniture designing to the dimension is a responsible task so adequate project consideration and very accurate measurement are the basis for the success. Such a project must be properly considered and the customer has to know what his expectations towards the furniture are. So, before you make the decision about buying the furniture to the dimension to your room, kitchen, lounge, hall, bathroom, hotel, office, reception or factory, just think about what you really need with your family, friends or co-workers.
Our custom-designed furniture are designed with specialized computer software which gives the possibility of free manipulation and great flexibility of choosing the shapes, colours, patterns and individual needs of the customer. If you live far away from our head office in London so the visit with measurement is not profitable for you ( e.g. due to the distance ) then the best solution is virtual contact through the email or Skype with your expectations, descriptions and detailed measurements.

We specialize in interiors designing of private houses and hotel apartments, lodging houses and catering places, large supermarkets and shops. We also give private - intimate nature for public, official interiors such as in state institutions, hospitals, clinics and dormitories. We meet needs of all cooperating clients - local and regional officers, private investors, developers, owners of real estate agencies, contractors and building constructors, architects and interior designers. As for kitchen furniture to dimension, we pay the greatest attention for ergonomics, space usage and composition. We offer great selection of materials, accessories, freedom of choice and professional advice. We search for classical, timeless solutions. We focus on quality of materials used and precision of our contractors.

VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD was created to allow contact with professional designing, especially for all customers, all busy people, investors and officers whose duties consume most of their free time.
VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD enables placing an order for individual design furniture, room or interior remodeling. Send directly to email address: or via Skype or msn.

Each project individual has its individual features according to purpose and function of given task. We take difficult works with pleasure because they are challenging and give us progress. We strive for harmonic project of timeless interior. We take responsibility for quality of our activities.
On first meeting we get to know customer?s needs. We discuss the scope of work and set out the schedule of our meetings. The offer is ready within 31 days. Each Project is priced individually. After establishing the cooperation conditions we sign the contract and ask for 50% advance payment. After having it booked we start the work. On first meetings we discuss the interior conception on the basis of photos, drafts and descriptions. Next stage is to prepare drawings, projects and interior design.
Then we move to detailed projects accordant to initial agreements. We present them as drawings, views and 3D visualization. Next step is details specification and preparation of technical documentation and proposal of fixed and movable elements that you can find in the project, also the colour guideline. Interior design is created within to predetermined budget and according to established deadline.

So as the project is being properly realized it has to be coordinated and supervised personally, specially the production. To do so we propose urgent and emergency consultation and supervision on site.

- Urgent supervision : If the investor decides to carry on finish work in person, He can benefit from ad hoc help of our designer. He may then invite us on site to solve current problems. Phone consultation or other work ordered by the investor via email like costing, offers comparison, searching of specific product or material .

- Urgent consultation : like choosing colours, decorating ideas and colouring for furniture and accessories. Designer also helps in choosing sudden change of interior and furniture style, textures and accessories. Consultation all over Europe.

VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD the easiest and fastest way to design your interior or furniture, send email to: then we will realize your idea.