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VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD is a UK supplier which has built a reputation for innovative commercial furniture for use in a wide range of settings. We use quality and exciting materials such as Teak, Elm, Mahogany, Oak and Mango woods to create commercial furniture that is as beautiful and distinctive, as it is practical and durable.

We understand that each restaurant, bar, office, hotel or spa needs commercial furniture which is not only highly functional, but also helps to create the right atmosphere for their client?le. We therefore take a flexible approach to assisting our commercial clients and offer a variety of furniture designs, colours, finishes, fixings and delivery terms. All our commercial furniture is individually handcrafted, to suit the space, purpose and people who will enjoy it.

VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD is far more than supplier of commercial furniture ? we are directly involved in the design and manufacture of furniture for our commercial clients. For clients requiring fast refurbishments, we hold stock of a range of classic and contemporary designs. But for clients with specialised requirements or looking for something unique, we provide bespoke commercial furniture design. If required, we can also provide a full interior design service, including layout, furniture placement and accessory selection, to create a stunning impact for your hotel, restaurant, bar or office.
Our Range of Commercial Furniture
We build and supply commercial furniture for use in offices, hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, cafés, spas and beauty salons.
Along with dining tables and chairs we also supply any type of furniture that a commercial outlet could need: bedroom suites and lobby furniture for hotels, bar stools and benches for pubs and bars, desks, boardroom tables and file storage for offices, chaises longues and towel storage for spas and salons ? and any other decorative or functional items that a client may require.
The Importance of Choosing the Right Commercial Furniture
Commercial furniture needs to do a lot more than simply provide your customers with somewhere to sit, dine, sleep or work. It needs to set the right ambience and image, and contribute to the overall customer experience. Each type of commercial setting has its own special set of additional requirements, all addressed in the materials, design and construction of VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD?s range of commercial furniture.

Restaurant Furniture ? Here the choice and arrangement of furniture is an essential part of the overall décor, helping to create a relaxing atmosphere for dining. In a contemporary dining venue such as a bistro, tablecloths are rarely used, so table tops become the focus of attention as well as needing to withstand constant use. Tables and chairs need to be made of materials and finishes which are extremely easy for staff to keep clean, as well as withstanding liquid spills, heat and so on. Maximising seating is also critical, so it is frequently cost effective to have specially designed furniture to ensure every inch of space is used effectively, but without compromising on customer comfort.

Hotel Furniture ? From the moment a guest enters your hotel reception your choice of furniture tells them what kind of hotel they are in ? it even lets them know what sort of room rate they should expect to pay. Attractive and well laid out reception areas, dining rooms and bar areas can make your hotel into a popular local meeting place, and can encourage your guests to eat in rather than go elsewhere. And of course, beds and storage furniture are at the core of creating appealing and restful hotel bedrooms.

Bar and Pub Furniture ? Your choice of pub or bar furniture will go a long way to define the type of venue you are running and the client?le you want to attract. Tropical hardwoods, upholstered cane and leather create an exclusive and upmarket atmosphere, while an eclectic mix of classic Oak and Elm tables, chairs, benches and stools create a traditional pub feel.

Spa and Salon Furniture ? When your clients come to you for an escape from their daily routine, your whole décor needs to exude quality and tranquillity. From exotic statement pieces such as a chaise longue, through to functional storage furniture and stunning accessories such as mirrors and vases, VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD can provide everything you need to create an oasis your clients will love.

Office Furniture ? Office furniture needs to be highly functional, hardwearing and able to accommodate the most up to date technology with ease. But it also plays an important part in reflecting the image and values of your business to employees and clients alike. Handcrafted contemporary office furniture in wood, glass, metal or stone helps you set standards and make a lasting impression.

Meeting Environmental Requirements
Many companies now have an environmental policy affecting all new purchases. So we understand that our commercial clients have to be mindful of the environmental impact of their chosen furniture. Not only do materials need to be from sustainable sources, but the product?s longevity and eventual disposal need to be factored in. VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD use only raw materials from managed resources, helping to minimise the environmental impact of our operation. And our furniture is built to last ? meaning it will be in use for decades, if not longer.

Commercial Furniture ? contact us now to discuss your requirements.