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Renovation of furniture is a method to restore the previous appearance of precious, unique antiques.

VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD offers professional service in the scope of renewing, renovation, reconstruction and conservation of stylish furniture and all works connected with artistic carpentry. We also make replicas of any kind of stylish furniture, according to Client?s needs.
During the restoration- conservation process Companies that cooperate with us use materials, techniques, traditional technology and methods accordant to old masters. That is why we are capable to restore natural, unique look from times ago. Thanks to long experience and usage of traditional techniques and materials you are sure of quality of our work. We restore the splendor of antique furniture.

VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD also provides renovation and reconstruction of stylish interiors. We renew historic estate, both private and public. On client?s wish offer the full scope of complex furnishing to the dimension in proper interior design. The offer is addressed to the owners of large historic structures, hotels, museums, palaces, restaurants, mansions, residences, guest houses, inns, pubs, churches, chapels, monasteries ( altars, benches, carvings, confessionals ) and other historic places.

The range of our services includes :
? Renovation, restoration and conservation of antique furniture.
? Renovation and conservation of window and door woodwork.
? Complex upholstery service, traditional upholstery on springs, sea grass or bristle.
? Modification of old furniture for the new arrangement.
? Furniture renewal with shellac coating, polishing, veneering, waxing, leaching, oiling or varnishing.
? We offer other services like woodcraft, gilt, intarsia and inlay.

VOYTEX FURNITURE LTD offers online initial, free valuation of ordered renovation, reconstruction, conservation on the basis of photos and descriptions. Service price is determined individually with the client, depending on degree of furniture or historic place damage.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: